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Registration Fee. Rs.100/- is not re-fundable. Photo copy of birth certificate should be enclosed with the application form for new admission.

Transfer certificate, in original, must be produced by the candidates who have previously attended any school. The date of birth once registered cannot be altered.
Admission Fee is Rs.300/-

Mere issue of application form for admission or registration for admission does not mean admission is guaranteed. Priority will be given on merit.

Application for Transfer certificate should be produced in the school session before 10th of March every year

A fee Rs.100/- will be charged for transfer certificate and ` 50/- each for duration, bonafide and character certificate.

No TC can be issued in the mid of the session other than transfer of parents. In that case tuition fee for the full session has to be paid.

The school is dedicated mainly towards helping the children to grow freely in clean and healthy surroundings to develop their inherent faculties and instilling them in a sense of duty, discipline, dignity and simplicity.
In addition adequate emphasis is given on patriotism and national integration. The school aim for the total development of the human personality so that at the end of the schooling the students are expected to become individuals.
  • (i) who are morally upright guarded by right values and courageous to stand by their convictions.
  • (ii) who are intellectually formed to think critically to act creatively and constructively in various situations of life.
  • (iii) who are true citizens of mother land.